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Poynter Hargraves Financial Consultants Pty Ltd AFSL 237846
Mon - Fri: 8:30 - 5:00 ACST
1300 797 710

Executive Team

Craig Hargraves

Managing Director

Stephen Small

Chief Executive Officer

Chris King

Head of Advising
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Michael Galipo

Finance Manager

Christine Cossor

Head of Compliance and Risk Management

Jolanda Visser

Head of Integrations

Adelaide Advisor Team

Michelle Jamieson

Financial Adviser

John Mundy

Senior Financial Adviser

Robert Turner

Senior Financial Adviser

Matthew Hargraves

Financial Adviser

Mark Taylor

Financial Adviser

Coby Faulkner

Financial Adviser

John Lam

Financial Advisor

New South Wales Advisor Team

Thao Lam

Financial Adviser

Renee Hush

Senior Financial Adviser

Queensland Advisor Team

Elio Centofanti

Senior Financial Adviser

Scott Traynor

Financial Adviser

Patrick Hennessy

Financial Adviser

Jason Eldridge

Financial Adviser

Corporate Authorised Representative

MWH Wealth Management Pty Ltd

Administration Team

Mackay Branch

Kaye Dipaola – Office Manager

Client Services

Linda Taylor
David Brewer
Tania Baker

Amanda Gavin – Claims Officer
Meg Hargraves – Admin Assistant

John Dougan – Centrelink Specialist
Jessica Falcione – Centrelink Officer

Client Liaison

Carol Danielson
Dannielle Duke
Danielle Ridley
Emily McLean
Shane Narayan


Stefan Russo

Management Support

Nathan Byrnes – Advice Analyst
Susan Christie – Training and Quality Coordinator
Lucia Monaghan – Premium Client Services Officer

Integration Team

Danielle Ridley – Admin Support
Susan Harder – Admin Support
Shimon Jose – Integration Analyst

Business Intelligence Team

Ashton D’Sa – Business Intelligence Manager
Giuseppe Buot – Data Analyst
Kathryn Barrett – Database Integrity Administrator

Fee Disclosure Team

Tori Bennett – Fee Disclosure Renewal Notice Officer
Kay Greeneklee – Fee Disclosure Renewal Notice Officer

Office Manager / Reception

Michelle Pitman-Harvey – Office Manager

Finance Team

Wai Yan Leong – Finance Clerk