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Christine Cossor ∼ Head of Compliance and Risk Management

Experience in the Financial Industry

Christine has spent all of her nearly 30 plus years career in financial services with roles as diverse as financial markets trading and risk management advice, market, credit and operational risk management, lecturing, insurance advisory compliance and regulatory implementation projects.

Christine has worked for banks in Australia, UK and Amsterdam and an insurance company in New Zealand which has provided a good depth of knowledge of global markets, regulations and the ongoing changes and challenges that occur in this industry. This period also helped to grow the understanding of importance of allowing for cultural differences when dealing with customers and colleagues.

She is extremely passionate about ensuring that customers receive the best advice, taking into account their unique circumstances, and that the industry ensures that individuals and corporations uphold the values that are important to us all.

Risk and compliance are key within everyone’s roles to protect our customers, the advisers, the company and the reputation of the financial industry.

Qualifications and current training

  • Master of Business Administration – Finance and Strategy
  • Graduate Diploma – Banking and Finance
  • Certificate – Accountancy
  • Certificate in Company Direction – IOD
  • Just commencing Graduate Diploma – Financial Planning
  • Senior Fellow, Finsia
  • Associate member GARP


Christine enjoys travelling and has been to parts of every continent in the world, with Antarctica winning for sheer beauty, but is glad to finally be back in Australia to settle down again closer to her daughters and other family members.

While studying will take up much of her time, outside work, for the next year or so she also enjoys reading and is looking to resume being a technical swimming official, which she was prior to moving overseas.


Head Office: 200 South Road


Phone: 1300 797 710

Facsimile: 08 8273 0677