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What our clients have to say …


Greg Patterson

‘I didn’t realise just how important my trauma cover was until after my heart operation!  Being self employed I needed income protection and they got it spot on.’

Poynter Hargraves had identified the right financial tools for the job.  One week after his heart operation Greg realized he had trauma cover and rang Poynter Hargraves, they sent the forms out straight away and took care of the rest.

‘Quite simply, I needed cover, they had advised me on what I wanted and it worked!’


Don & Kate McKechnie

For Don and Kate it was all about investing in them and their lifestyle in the wisest possible manner. They’re delighted to have the experts on their side.

‘It’s far too confusing to do your own investment finance.  That’s why you need a financial adviser because it can be so complicated… For us it’s been an ongoing journey, after all it’s for the rest of our lives and for our son.’


Paul Atkins

‘I like having control and being prepared that’s why I get advice from people who talk common sense.’

Paul was looking for someone to be creative in different strategies and investment forms as well as someone he could trust.

‘It’s important to have knowledge of the financial market, good information is critical and so is a straight talking financial adviser.  I met someone who I have confidence in.’


Aileen Ramly

‘Government agencies seem to constantly change the rules so I needed advice that was up to date and that’s what I got!’

Aileen needed knowledgeable information on pensions and benefits, so she spoke to her adviser at Poynter Hargraves.

‘Government rules change so you need to keep up with it.  That’s why you should definitely talk to a financial adviser, I do and he keeps me up to date.  He’s someone I can trust.’