Investment Advice

The first step towards building and managing your wealth is to set up the correct strategy for your wealth portfolio. We will work with you and discuss your personal wealth goals and your attitudes towards investment risk.

Poynter Hargraves can create an investment portfolio specifically tailored to you, which we implement and monitor regularly. Asset allocations and recommended investments are regularly researched and analysed, to ensure the recommendations we make are current and relevant.

How we can help:

Managed Funds

A managed fund involves pooling together money from different investors towards a common investment goal. The pooled money is then invested and controlled by a professional investment manager in different asset classes that align with your investment objectives. Managed funds may be suitable for people who want to diversify their investments and rely on the skills of investment managers to make the investment decisions.


The term gearing simply means borrowing money to invest. You can borrow to invest in managed funds, shares or an investment property. Borrowing to invest increases risk significantly but can potentially help build wealth faster. An investment can be negatively, neutrally or positively geared—it depends on the relationship between the costs of owning the investment and the income generated.


An annuity is a simple, secure financial product which provides you with a series of regular payments in return for a lump-sum investment. The rate of return is fixed at the outset, and is not affected by share market or interest rate movements. You can choose to have your capital returned at the end of the agreed term or gradually during the term of the annuity as part of the regular payments.

Investment Structure

Once you have made the decision to purchase one or more assets it is important to consider the best investment structure to use. An investment structure refers to the way your investments are legally owned. Many people simply purchase assets in their own name or joint names, when other ownership structures may be more suitable. Getting the structure right at the beginning can have long term benefits, and getting it wrong can be a disaster.

To discuss your Investment needs please contact one of our qualified Financial Advisers at Poynter Hargraves on 1300 797 710.

We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.