The Advice Process


 At Poynter Hargraves our process starts with getting to know you, your situation and what’s important to you.  We will help you identify all of the opportunities available to you in order to structure your financial planning affairs efficiently.  We put in place all of the agreed strategies and then we monitor your performance to ensure you are on track.


First we discuss your current financial situation, goals and what’s important to you. Your adviser will discuss your relevant needs to determine how they can add value. This first meeting also allows you to ensure you are comfortable and confident with the financial adviser relationship.


We’ll recommend a plan that has been developed to suit your financial needs and agree a fee to help you reach your goals and objectives.


You and your adviser will agree on a strategy and your adviser will help you to implement the agreed actions.


As your lifestyle and financial circumstances change, so too will your financial needs. At Poynter Hargraves, we are committed to helping you plan and support your financial goals while building a rewarding future relationship.  We do this through an active communication program, which includes annual reviews, quarterly newsletters and extensive professional administration services.

The Poynter Hargraves ‘Good Advice, For Life’ Proposal

Poynter Hargraves provides expert advisory services to help you make informed decisions. Our 6-step process is your first step to achieving your ‘financial freedom strategy’.
At Poynter Hargraves we’re all about tailoring a solution to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Professional Fees

The cost of your initial appointment is covered by Poynter Hargraves and comes with no obligations. It’s from this meeting that we will provide you with a likely course of action that can be undertaken should you wish to proceed. All fees and remuneration will be disclosed in detail in a Statement of Advice that is provided to you prior to proceeding.

Privacy Commitment

Poynter Hargraves Financial Consultants Pty Ltd is steadfast in the commitment to our client’s well-being. We undertake an active privacy policy for all of our clients that provides the security and privacy of personal information.

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We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.